How to improve production efficiency and technical level of plastic mold manufacturers

2019-09-23  715

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's industry, the plastic mold industry has been driven. At present, in the domestic plastic mold manufacturers due to technological transformation investment, high starting point, step by step toward large-scale, high-level development, but some private plastic mold manufacturers have sprung up, rapid development.

The plastic mold manufacturer is a classic one-piece manufacturing manufacturer. Each set of plastic molds needs creative design, numerical control programming, production preparation, machining, assembly and test, which increases the complexity of the production management of the manufacturer. Difficulty.

First, the process implementation of concurrent engineering

Implementing in each process and in-line engineering is one of the most effective ways to shorten the plastic mold development cycle. Parallel engineering is the process, each step of the plastic mold in the development process, each link should be synchronized, parallel, cross-over, try to avoid serial.

Second, standardized design and manufacturing

Plastic mold design standardization must first establish a plastic mold design standard database, including standard parts for individual parts, standard parts with assembly structure, mold frame structure database and typical plastic mold structure database, in order to provide technicians to call copy when designing plastic molds. It can also improve the design efficiency and the use rate of plastic mold standard parts, and realize the standardization, serialization and standardization of the plastic mold structure, and also make the plastic mold standardization degree reach more than 70%.

Third, fine processing must be in place once

The purpose of fine processing is to reduce the bench training and work in one place. Minimize the dependence of repeated processing and post-processing, manual finishing and mold quality on the fitter skills.

For example, the gap between the upper and lower die edges is directly processed into position, and the gap is not required to be opened by the fitter; the punching convex/female die can be directly installed without debugging: the high smoothness of the model face is not attached to the blade, and the grinding is reduced: the inner cover is not used for the drawing die. Go to the knife mark, do not push the grinding; concave round corner overcut processing, no need to clear the roots. Through refinement processing and the use of high-level standard parts, and then the processing reference and assembly standard of the parts are consistent, the fitter-made manufacturing is not equipped with less repair, which is the direct assembly method, and is also the management direction of modern plastic mold production.